Sci-Fi art by Vadim Voitekhovitch (Voitv)

Vadim Voitekhovitch or (Voitv) is a talented artist from Germany focused on Sci-Fi art. His traditional art in Steampunk style is represented by a gallery of flying ships and terrestrial vehicles. His paintings are presented in the form of landscapes and scenery.

Location: Germany
Fields:  Traditional Art, Sci-Fi Art, Conceptual Art,  Illustration, Photography,  Freelance artist
Web reference: Deviant Art

Magic Art World shows here some selection of his Sci-fi Art. If you liked this article, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

waiting_for_currier_by_voitv-d5qxh0qWaiting for  currier by voitv

cefd4998fa9d1a3aef94de9de1ca0bd3-d5fsi7xWalk in the Sky

d2c12f09292916a50be22db908843a41-d5gufbePostal dragon

fleet_at_sea_by_voitv-d5vawfgFleet at sea by voitv

harbour_in_cornwall_by_voitv-d65c6f6Harbour in cornwall by voitv

heavenly_guardian_by_voitv-d5euhurHeavenly guardian by voitv

heavenly_nest_by_voitv-d5lltp8Heavenly nest by voitv

in_a_distant_country_by_voitv-d632yiwIn a distant country by voitv

leviathan_by_voitv-d79l7tnLeviathan by voitv

look_beyond_the_horizon_2_by_voitv-d5kwtt3Look beyond the horizon 2 by voitv.

observer_by_voitv-d6c4kx6Observer by voitv

old_harbor_by_voitv-d6qlgrnOld Harbor by voitv

steel_moon_by_voitv-d79xoegSteel Moon by voitv

the_road_to_babylon_by_voitv-d6zifwrThe road to Babylon by voitv

tide_by_voitv-d5qilm7Tide by voitv

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