3d Background Illustrations by Owen Carson

Owen Carson is a background illustrator from United States. The field of his artworks is interior and exterior architecture presented in 3D. His art impresses us through details, shapes and colors.

Fields:  Freelance artist, Digital Art,   Architectural Artist, Environment Illustrator 
Featured on: 3D mapping projected video installations for outdoor, events, nightclubs, etc.
Design and visualization on dozens of major cathedral and church projects,
Artwork animation for several major casual oriented adventure games,
Short animated films.
Web reference: DeviantArt, Personal Site.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of his artwork. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

avenue_eos_by_owen_c-d5pyb3tAvenue Eos by Owen Carson

cenote_isidora_by_owen_c-d4knd3lCenote Isidora by Owen Carson

eh_bedroom_by_owen_c-d7obo5bEH Bedroom by Owen Carson

eh_foyer_by_owen_c-d7oboe3EH Foyer by Owen Carson

eh_sitting_room_by_owen_c-d7obogvEH Sitting Room by owen c by Owen Carson

aeolia_nocturne_by_owen_c-d3xdbk2Aeolia Nocturne by Owen Carson

funktion_beirut___tranquility_by_owen_c-d57r0b1Funktion Beirut -Tranquility  by Owen Carson

just_passing_through_by_owen_c-d7gv0h7Just Passing Through by Owen Carson

lumina_rue_by_owen_c-d66sb9oLumina Rue by Owen Carson

the_opera_by_owen_c-d7gzqtbThe Opera by Owen Carson

The_River__ver__2__by_owen_cThe River – ver 2  by Owen Carson

To_You_Who_Finds_this_Letter_by_owen_cTo You  Who Finds this Letter by Owen_c

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