Concept Art by Ninjatic

Ninjatic is a concept artist/illustrator residing in England. Passionate for landscapes and scenery the artist amazes us with his talent and imagination.

Name: Kirk Quilaquil alias Ninjatic
Nationality/Ethnicity: British | Filipino
Location: Stevenage (Hertfordshire)
Fields: Digital Art, Freelance Concept Artist/Illustrator
Featured on:  Imagine FX (issue 58), Imagine FX (issue 103), Game Informer, The Imaginary Network, Ink Butter, Its Art Mag.
Web reference: DeviantArt, Personal Site.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of his illustration art. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

winter_hunt_by_ninjatic-d7i2h7cWinter Hunt by Ninjatic

1alien2fb_by_ninjatic-d7i8vemAlien by Ninjatic

1arr2fff_by_ninjatic-d7gyjq0The Messenger by Ninjatic

1casstleee2fb_by_ninjatic-d7jya0vEscort by Ninjatic

1mayan2fb_by_ninjatic-d7dsa2oFloatings Ruins by Ninjatic

1scaled2fb_by_ninjatic-d7br9zvThe Wingless Dragon by Ninjatic

1sunn2fb_by_ninjatic-d7ftnclFar Beyond The Sun

1sunsetcastlefb_by_ninjatic-d79waywSunset Castle by Ninjatic

1whim2fb_by_ninjatic-d7j3jlcWhimsical Fairies by Ninjatic

6a20941d42124670ab251e97dfa4f2e6-d7o167kArrival by Ninjatic

14gottendrag2fb_by_ninjatic-d7c50mrForgotten Dragon by Ninjatic

coming_home_by_ninjatic-d7ezjqqComing Home by Ninjatic

crater2dafb_by_ninjatic-d7nfthpTinnitus by Ninjatic

katana_2_0_by_ninjatic-d7hp7ghKatana 2.0 by Ninjatic

the_great_war_by_ninjatic-d75lgdxThe Great War by Ninjatic

untitled_by_ninjatic-d78noboUntitled by Ninjatic

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