Concept Design by Michal Jelinek

Mike Jelinek is concept artist and automotive designer residing in Kobylnice, Czech Republic. His art draws and amaze you from the first until the last image viewed. He is a very talented artist and a great experience.

Location: Kobylnice
Fields:Digital Art, Art Direction, Automotive Design, Concept Art.
Achievements: Previously he held various creative positions at design and styling departments of VW, Skoda, Citroen, GM Europe, Mercedes both as employee or freelancer.
Web reference: Behance, Personal Site.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of his concept art . If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.


BOT CATALOG: IKABOT (flying cargo drone)

fd9fcb1a496ea5e6026221b76844194eBot catlog: IKABOT by Michal Jelinek

6e174e4acd25f990f135ec62aab86d62Bot catlog: IKABOT by Michal Jelinek

d2cc0f651061e2172b325366f07a1be0Bot catlog: IKABOT by Michal Jelinek

35edae9dff3887f4b2b60b25d838a932Bot catlog: IKABOT by Michal Jelinek

1177553317f95b9730d3e1fc733402a4Bot catlog: IKABOT by Michal Jelinek

BOT CATALOG: OVERVIEW/Sketches (Catalog of robots)

Project goal:
– Each day of the week, design one robot with specific function and form.
– Build component library and form language assets.
– Re-use assets as the bulding bricks. Use core forms as fractal patterns.
– Develop repeatable methodology.

7f5e0856c3584b2ebcb5d268d5fc7d54Day 7: ALBOT DE GORTZ by Michal Jelinek

6e174e4acd25f990f135ec62aab86d62Day 6: IKABOT by Michal Jelinek

31061171bc465a741fb0d3364ab54e9eDay 5: Carboid  by Michal Jelinek

122a6fa5c3417de472a96cc4b37dbdacDay 4: Drilliscus by Michal Jelinek

6c6559c9393603e6db9520af2a18fc25Day 3: Labrabot by Michal Jelinek

9a255e13d5bed311a00c4b423a06c7ebDay 2: Raptobot by Michal Jelinek 

1d104a954d1a4b9ee6685338183d3923Day 1: Kitbot by Michal Jelinek

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