Sci-Fi Illustrations by Shichigoro-Shingo

Shichigoro-Shingo is a digital artist, born in Yokohama, Japan. His Sci Fi illustrations are very easily noticed through the stunning mechanised creatures.

Location: Current Residence: Yokohama,
Fields: Digital Art,   Illustration, Game Design – Graduated from Tama Art University (Department of  Painting, Oil Painting Course) in Tokyo, – freelance artist.
Achievements: Personal Work, Undisclosed Project.
Web reference:  DeviantArtFacebook.

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zo_03_by_shichigoro756-d7isrdbzo 03 by Shichigoro756

e_n_by_shichigoro756-d60ru1xe-n by Shichigoro756

f_003_by_shichigoro756-d6lczq4f-003 by Shichigoro756

f_004_by_shichigoro756-d6mcqh6f-004 by Shichigoro756

f_005_by_shichigoro756-d6oxfavf-005 by Shichigoro756

f_007_by_shichigoro756-d7jslmif-007  by Shichigoro756

halo_02_by_shichigoro756-d64zj6oHalo-02 by Shichigoro756

helmet_boy_by_shichigoro756-d6zg352Helmet boy by Shichigoro756

hone_no_ko2_by_shichigoro756-d7dmjbzhone-no-ko2 by shichigoro756

hone_no_ko_by_shichigoro756-d7bkjr0hone-no-ko by shichigoro756

image_3_by_shichigoro756-d61y0m5image-3 by shichigoro756

ippuku_by_shichigoro756-d73dctgIppuku by Shichigoro756

pango_by_shichigoro756-d7eadjpPango by Shichigoro756

usarobo_001_test_model_by_shichigoro756-d7mvm0iUSAROBO-001 Test Model by Shichigoro756

a_un_by_shichigoro756-d7fsbzaa-un by Shichigoro756

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