3d Characters – Art by Vexiphne

Vexiphne is a digital artist from USA specialized on 3d characters creation, content often illustrating cool female portraits. Vex, as is spoiled, uses in her creation the following tools of the trade: Poser, DAZ studio, Photoshop, ZBrush, LuxRender and Reality. Vexiphen can create characters for more art products such as: promo renders, artistic renders, book covers, custom print, and certainly for 3d content creation. I invite you to enjoy with the images shown below. If you want more from Vex art, please visit the links: Deviant Art, personal website or her Facebook page.

sylk_magic_by_vexiphneSylk Magic by Vexiphne

real_skyla_by_vexiphneReal Skyla by Vexiphne

skylafordawnteaserrender_by_vexiphneSkylaforDawnTeaserRender by Vexiphne

purple_sylk_by_vexiphnePurple Sylk by Vexiphne

mymichael_1_by_vexiphneMyMichael 1 by Vexiphne

black_dress_by_vexiphneBlack Dress by Vexiphne

riley_in_corset_by_vexiphneRiley in Corset by Vexiphne

Silversylk by VexiphneSilversylk by Vexiphne

skyla___by_vexiphneSkyla* by Vexiphne

skyla_in_reality_by_vexiphneSkyla in Reality by Vexiphne

sylk_portrait_by_vexiphneSylk Portrait by Vexiphne

talon_nails_by_vexiphneTalon Nails by Vexiphne

riley_in_bikini_by_vexiphneRiley in Bikini by Vexiphne

purple_riley_by_vexiphnePurple Riley by Vexiphne

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