Sexy comics characters – Pedro Perez art

Pedro Perez is a digital illustration artist from Madrid, Spain. His Art is distinguished by creating comics with sexy female characters, pin-up portraits for mature cartoon or other bespoke illustrations. You will see in this article the most successful works, selected specifically  for inspiration to those who love this style of art. For more pictures please see the link on Facebook .

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Trizia by Pedro_PerezTrizia by Pedro_Perez

A refrescarse!A refrescarse!

American Cheerleader para estatuillaAmerican Cheerleader para estatuilla

Trizia as Freddy KrueggerTrizia as Freddy Kruegger


Gangsta girl by Pedro PerezGangsta girl by Pedro Perez

Jane Carter by Pedro PerezJane Carter by Pedro Perez

La princesa Ico by Pedro PerezLa princesa Ico by Pedro Perez

Ooops! by Pedro PerezOoops! by Pedro Perez

Pin-up Girl by Pedro PerezPin-up Girl by Pedro Perez


Pedro_Perez_10Bike Girl by Pedro_Perez_10

She hulk by Pedro PerezShe Hulk by Pedro Perez

Taller Mecanico by Pedro PerezTaller Mecanico by Pedro Perez

The iBike - by Pedro PerezThe iBike – by Pedro Perez

Trizia - by Pedro PerezTrizia – by Pedro Perez

Trizia-Superman by Pedro PerezTrizia-Superman by Pedro Perez

Vampire by Pedro PerezVampire by Pedro Perez

Velma by Pedro PerezVelma by Pedro Perez

Pin-up Chopper by Pedro PerezPin-up Chopper by Pedro Perez

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