Illustrations by Nei Ruffino aka ToolKitten

Nei Ruffino, aka Toolkitten is an artist from SUA specialized on comic covers as well as a talented colorist of illustrations. Her works are highly sought after by the publishing large companies of comic books such as:  DC Comics, Big Dog Ink and Zenescope Entertainment. Among the most successful projects of the artist remember following projects for DC and MARVEL: Spiderman, Green Lantern, Batman and Superman.  Also is the creator of fantasy comic ‘The Secret Life of Crows’, a highly acclaimed comic book.

For more information about the artist please visit the following links: Deviant Art and her Site.

aspen_oz_05_cmyk_by_toolkittenAspen Oz 05 by Toolkitten

crows_dawn_final_cmyk_print_by_toolkittenThe Secret Life of Crows Constellation Edition by ToolKitten

aspen_oz_04_bw_by_toolkittenAspen Oz 04 bw by ToolKitten

aspen_oz_04_cmyk_by_toolkittenAspen Oz 04 cmyk by ToolKitten

c2e2_shahrazad_ruffino_cmyk_by_toolkittenShahrazad c2e2 2015 exclusive by ToolKitten

critter_cmyk_2_by_toolkittenCritter cmyk 2 by ToolKitten

fox_cmyk_by_toolkittenFoxy Momma cmyk by ToolKitten

joan_of_arc_by_toolkittenJoan of Arc by ToolKitten

kiss_cmyk_by_toolkittenKiss cmyk by ToolKitten

oz_aspen_01_cmyk_by_toolkittenOz Aspen 01 cmyk by ToolKitten

oz_aspen_bw01_by_toolkittenOz Aspen bw01 by ToolKitten

Mercy does it by ToolKittenMercy does it by ToolKitten

shahrazad_02_02_cmyk_by_toolkittenShahrazad 02 02 cmyk by ToolKitten

shahrazad_aspen_03_cmyk_by_toolkittenShahrazad Aspen 03 cmyk by ToolKitten

Shahrazadwars cmyk 2 by ToolKitten

southernnightgownsdcc_bw_by_toolkittenSouthern Nightgow bw by ToolKitten

southernnightgownsdcc_cmyk_by_toolkittenSouthern Nightgow cmyk by ToolKitten

wolfmother_by_toolkittenWolfMother by ToolKitten

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