Sci-fi and Fatasy Art by Thierry Cravatte

Thierry Cravatte is a self-taught artist from Liege, Belgium, passionate for digital art with fantasy or sci-fi topics. The artist uses to achieve his artworks, Daz Studio software. I remarked his creations in my journey on Deviantart. I was very impressed by his art and for this I wanted to share it with you, those who follow MagicArtWorld. Below you can see a few selection from the artworks of Thierry. I hope that this post to be a nice surprise for you and for Thierry. To learn more about the artist and his art you can visit his profile on Deviant Art.

Thanks for watching!

Acceleron_GT by ThierryCravatteAcceleron_GT by ThierryCravatte

At The Console by ThierryCravatteAt The Console by ThierryCravatte

Barbarians by ThierryCravatteBarbarians by ThierryCravatte

Bikers by ThierryCravatteBikers by ThierryCravatte

Her Guardian Angel by ThierryCravatteHer Guardian Angel by ThierryCravatte

Littl Brutes by TthierryCravatteLittl Brutes by TthierryCravatte

Marauder by ThierryCravatteMarauder by ThierryCravatte

Martian War by ThierryCravatteMartian War by ThierryCravatte

Meccha Scorp by ThierryCravatteMeccha Scorp by ThierryCravatte

Post Nuclear Caravan by ThierryCravattePost Nuclear Caravan by ThierryCravatte

Ratz by ThierryCravatteRatz by ThierryCravatte

Reminiscence... by ThierryCravatteReminiscence… by ThierryCravatte

rtro_futuristic_hover_bike_1600_by_thierrycravatteSuburban Racer by ThierryCravatte

Runes by ThierryCravatteShadow of Justice by ThierryCravatte

The Beauty and The Horse by ThierryCravatteThe Beauty and The Horse by ThierryCravatte

The Punisher Eyepatch PW by ThierryCravatteThe Punisher by ThierryCravatte

Defining Mission Objectives by ThierryCravatteDefining Mission Objectives by ThierryCravatte

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