Tattoos and simple symbols

Here are for lovers of tattoos and the inspiration of artists, a new set of tattoos using such simple symbols. The symbols used could be flowers, birds… or objects such as bicycle, for feminine tattoos or trident symbol of the god seas and oceans as masculine tattoos.

Tattoo artist always wants to achieve the best possible works to satisfy customers and to increase personal prestige. It often is faced with a discussion with them to determine: location, symbol, shape and size of the tattoo. For some clients do not fit tattoos loaded, complicated and large. They should choose simple and small tattoos available in places easily found.

Below are more photos of these types of tattoos.

Enjoy them!

Flower sideboob tattoosFlower side boob tattoos

Tattoo rose by earTattoo rose by ear

Flower tattooFlower tattoo

Lotus Flower TattooLotus Flower Tattoo

Very nice flowers tattooVery nice flowers tattoo

Back flowers tattoo for girlsBack flowers tattoo for girls

Flower tattoo armFlower tattoo arm

Small Wrist Tattoos For GirlsSmall Wrist Tattoos For Girls

Birds tattoo on shoulderBirds tattoo on shoulder

Small bird tattoo for girls on shoulderSmall bird tattoo for girls on shoulder

Fashionable Bird TattooFashionable Bird Tattoo

Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for WomenUltra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Musical guy on a bike tattooMusical guy on a bike tattoo



Squirrels Cycling Tattoo Collection...Squirrels Cycling Tattoo Collection…

Russian tattoo artist Sasha UnisexRussian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex

Squirrels Cycling Tattoo CollectionSquirrels Cycling Tattoo Collection

bike chainBike Chain

Rob Chamaeleo’s back tattooRob Chamaeleo’s back tattoo

Female trident

Female trident

Trident tattoo ideaTrident tattoo idea

Trident inspired tattooTrident inspired tattoo

Trident hand tattooTrident hand tattoo

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