Awesome Tattoos with Simplest Symbols

Two birds tattoo

In tattooing art even the simplest symbols as: bicycle, trident, a flower or a bird can produce instant attention from viewers. Important is that the symbols to be situated in places more suitable to our body and our personality to resonate with them, so that to tell a story about us and identify us as individuals.

On tattoos below or from the addresses a1, a2 and a3, I hope you find the symbol and place for a tattoo to your liking.

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Smaller Bike Tattoo

Smaller Bike Tattoo

Tattoo by Sivak DenisTattoo by Sivak Denis

Penny Farthing TattooPenny Farthing Tattoo

true love. bicycle line work tattooed over her heartTrue love. Bicycle line work tattooed over her heart

Thigh tattooThigh flower tattoo

Poppy Flower TattooPoppy Flower Tattoo

Peony flower thigh tattooPeony flower thigh tattoo

Lillie tattoo desginLillie tattoo desgin

Foot flower tattooFoot flower tattoo

Fabulous flower tattoo for women on backFabulous flower tattoo for women on back

Dot flower tattoosDot flower tattoos

Two birds tattooTwo birds tattoo

Tiny Finger TattoosTiny Finger Tattoos

Bird Tattoos for Women and GirlsBird Tattoos for Women and Girls

Little bird and branch tattooLittle bird and branch tattoo

Hummingbird TattooHummingbird Tattoo

Bird tattoo on shoulder bladeBird tattoo on shoulder blade

Bird tattoo for shoulderBird tattoo for shoulder


Great Shiva tattoo by Parmeet SinghGreat Shiva tattoo by Parmeet Singh

Trident-tattoos By Pranay ShahTrident-tattoos By Pranay Shah

Trident tattoo on forearmTrident tattoo on forearmTrident tattooTrident tattoo: Poseidon God for Greeks or Neptune God for Romans

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