Best tattoos artists

Tattooing is art that impresses and fascinates us through symbols, messages and designs applied to body skin. We have posted here “Best tattoos artists” and some major studios.

Look at this post  selected by us,  you will understand how hard it is to choose the best tattoos and the greatest artists of the moment!

For more tattoos you can visit  the links attached below at each photo tattoo. See also “Tattoos Art by Peter Walrus Madsen“. Stay tuned!

3e66719f6156f5f43c791f9a85a0b2dcTattoo by Marco Galdo

Tattoo done by Peter Walrus MadsenTattoo done by Peter Walrus Madsen

Heart Locket And Key TattooHeart Locket And Key Tattoo

This geometric back tattoo by Gemma ParienteThis geometric back tattoo by Gemma Pariente is both feminine and spiritual 

Tattoo by Marco GaldoTattoo by Marco Galdo

"Never look back in anger"“Never look back in anger”

Star tattoo via Meatshop-TattooStar tattoo via Meatshop-Tattoo

Tattoo by Marco GaldoTattoo by Marco Galdo

Flowers tattoo by Kafka TattooFlowers tattoo by Kafka Tattoo

Arm piece tattoo via Meatshop-TattooArm piece tattoo via Meatshop-Tattoo

Black lace bow tattooBlack lace bow tattoo.

Tattoo by Marco GaldoTattoo by Marco Galdo 

Butterflies tattooButterflies tattoo

Flowers TattooFlowers Tattoo

Anchor tattooAnchor tattoo

Two birds tattooTwo birds tattoo

Tiwas mask tattoo via Meatshop-TattooTiwas mask tattoo via Meatshop-Tattoo

Guy with tattoos and piercingsGuy with tattoos and piercings

Ear Skull Tattoo Ear Skull Tattoo

Honesty // tattoo // skeleton keyHonesty // tattoo // skeleton key

Tattoo of rose blackTattoo of rose black 

Tattoo by Chaim Machlev, Berlin, Germany Tattoo by Chaim Machlev, Berlin, Germany.

Black Ink StudioBlack Ink Studio

Tattoo by Marco GaldoTattoo by Marco Galdo

 ~Model Sulan Von Zoomlander~  ~Model Sulan Von Zoomlander~Sulan is a model, musician and independet videographer based in Stockholm

Great photo of tattooed model Flo von D!Thank you Tattoo Models for sharing this great photo of tattooed model Flo von D!

Model: Dandivito  Photo by: The JACK Photoworld Tattoo Artist: Tomasi Sulu’apeModel: Dandivito  Photo by: The JACK Photoworld Tattoo Artist: Tomasi Sulu’ape

Tomasi is the only official Samoan Sulu’ape tattooist in Europe who works mainly in Freiburg (Germany). Europeans and Polynesian immigrants get their Samoan tattoos from him. Click on the link to see more from Tomasi! >>

Leigha Hagan by HUGO V PHOTOGRAPHYTattoo Models  Gefühlt sah unser Winter bisher so aus, oder nicht ? Leigha Hagan by HUGO V PHOTOGRAPHY

Candy Stone Evolution Tattoo Stacy Michael PhotographyTattoo Models Weiter geht es mit Candy Stone Evolution Tattoo Stacy Michael Photography

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