Imaginary Technology by Darkki1

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MagicArtWorld will present in this article the young artist from Finland, Tomi Väisänen aka Darkki1. His art is something special in the field of Imaginary Technology.

You will see that his art does not address common themes, like portraits or female characters that are often seen to the artists of digital or traditional art.

It is a 3d concept art that reminds us of the movie “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner in the title role. Most of his artworks represent the vehicles and the rest are some special-purpose machines. To learn more about Darkki1 can try DeviantArt or Tomi site.

Follow the talent and imagination of the artist expressed in his concept art, selected especially for you, in the pictures below. Enjoy! And do not forget the “Share” or “Like” if you think that is worth seeing.

roadster_by_darkki1Roadster by darkki1

the_undead_by_darkki1The undead by darkki1

hellfire_quarry_by_darkki1Hellfire quarry by darkki1

doomsday_device_heart_keyframe_by_darkki1Doomsday device heart keyframe by darkki1

eye_of_the_storm_by_darkki1Eye of the storm by darkki1

hideout_of_baba_yaga_by_darkki1Hideout of baba yaga by darkki1

it_s_probably_going_to_rain_by_darkki1It’s probably going to rain by darkki1

jimms_mecha_by_darkki1Jimms mecha by darkki1

journey_awaits_by_darkki1Journey awaits by darkki1

long_range_delivery_by_darkki1Long range delivery by darkki1

middle_east_express_by_darkki1Middle East Express by darkki1

rocket_plane_wallpaper_by_darkki1Rocket plane wallpaper by darkki1

runaway_train_by_darkki1Runaway train by darkki1

solar_flower_by_darkki1Solar flower by darkki1

speedway_racers_by_darkki1Speedway racers by darkki1

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