Fantasy Art by Dmitriy Prozorov alias TamplierPainter

DmitriyProzorov alias TamplierPainter is a digital artist from Moscow, Russia. Favorite style is fantasy which he practiced in his works conception of characters for video games. The artist has achieved so far a total of over 40 new characters for video games, Blizzard brand. Characters created by Tamplier, covers most of the period of existence Blizzard Co. Period begins with Warcraft and Starcraft games, then continue with Diablo. For lovers of fantasy and sci-fi art we displayed below some of the most interesting characters designed by the author. For more information try the links: DeviantArt and personal page of Fcebook artist. Enjoy his art.

barbarian_by_tamplierpainterBarbarian by TamplierPainter

cissenitaria_by_tamplierpainterCissenitaria by TamplierPainter

diablo__colored_version__by_tamplierpainterDiablo – colored version by TamplierPainter

encounter_by_tamplierpainterEncounter by TamplierPainter

fast_drawing__geralt_of_rivia_by_tamplierpainterFast drawing – Geralt of Rivia by TamplierPainter

fresh_meat__by_tamplierpainterFresh Meat – by TamplierPainter

jaina___the_shattered_soul_by_tamplierpainterJaina – The Shattered Soul by TamplierPainter

jandice_barov_by_tamplierpainterJandice Barov by TamplierPainter

lunara_by_tamplierpainterLunara by TamplierPainter

maiev_shadowsong_by_tamplierpainterMaiev Shadowsong by TamplierPainter

my_defender_by_tamplierpainterMy Defender by TamplierPainter

night_song_by_tamplierpainterNight Song by TamplierPainter

red_or_white_by_tamplierpainterRed or White by TamplierPainter

the_burning_rage_by_tamplierpainterThe Burning Rage by TamplierPainter

white_priestess_by_tamplierpainterWhite Priestess by TamplierPainter

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