3D Digital Portraits by Deane Whitmore

Deane Whitmore aka RGUS is a talented 3d digital artist from New Zealand. The main theme of his art is the female character in various poses, the most common being nudes and portraits.

Location: New Plymouth

Fields: Digital Art, 3D Character Art.

Web reference: Deviant Art

Magic Art World shows here some selections of his artwork. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

be_nice_to_me_by_rgus-d7eeyllBe nice to me by rgus

be_sure_the_love_you_give_tonight_by_rgus-d73nhwwBe sure the love you give tonight by rgus

carol_by_rgus-d7l4a52Carol by rgus

clan_of_conan_by_rgus-d78gb9uClan of conan by rgus

hold_the_apple_steady_by_rgus-d72nue6Hold the apple steady by rgus

i_gave_you_everything_by_rgus-d73gszaI gave you everything by rgus

i_need_you_tonight_by_rgus-d74y3g4I need you tonight by rgus

little_darlin__i_love_you_by_rgus-d7u9avlLittle Darlin  I love you by rgus

pink_carnation_and_a_pickup_truck_by_rgus-d7gyzjwPink carnation and a pickup truck by rgus

porcelain_steel_by_rgus-d7kur5kPorcelain steel by rgus

princess_big_by_rgus-d7ou8hrPrincess big by rgus

shrieker_big_by_rgus-d79s7znShrieker big by rgus

slippery_when_squeezed_by_rgus-d72xw5fSlippery when squeezed by rgus

the_only_game_in_town_by_rgus-d7sqlugThe only game in town by rgus

thrones_by_rgus-d7qhtkiThrones by rgus

torment_my_heart_by_rgus-d7tz48sTorment my heart by rgus

wet_thoughts_by_rgus-d7v47vvWet thoughts by rgus

s_bends_by_rgus-d7veoovS Bends by rgus

what_a_trooper_by_rgus-d7ncnq8What a trooper by rgus

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