Digital Painting by Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon is a talented digital artist, 32-year-old, residing in USA. Julie’s art is focalized on digital painting with science fiction and fantasy themes.

Born: 1982
Location:Northern California
Fields: Freelance Digital Art, Illustrator, Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
Featured on: His work, recently received after numerous nominations, “Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist – 2014”.
Web reference: DeviantArt, Personal Site.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of her digital art. If you liked this article, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

fantasy_portraits_by_juliedillon-d7vzmrpFantasy Portraits by Julie Dillon

fingolfin_and_morgoth_by_juliedillon-d7ti5jcFingolfin and Morgoth by Julie Dillon

cost_benefit_analysis_by_juliedillon-d7sxj0lCost Benefit Analysis by Julie Dillon

future_of_human_aging___popular_science_magazine_by_juliedillon-d7suahyFuture of Human Aging – Popular Science Magazine by Julie Dillon

sun_shepherdess_by_juliedillon-d7rxp4d Sun Shepherdess by Julie Dillon

scholars__tower_by_juliedillon-d7r7mibScholars Tower by Julie Dillon

slumbering_naiad_by_juliedillon-d7r4hdwSlumbering Naiad by Julie Dillon

fortune_s_favored_by_juliedillon-d7qystjFortune’s Favored by Julie Dillon

beneath_the_surface_by_juliedillon-d7feapzBeneath the Surface by Julie Dillon

cover_for_long_hidden_anthology_by_juliedillon-d726x40Cover for long hidden anthology by Julie Dillon

centaurs_by_juliedillon-d716qb2Centaurs by Julie Dillon

southern_lights_by_juliedillon-d6zswfwSouthern Lights by Julie Dillon

space_sirens_by_juliedillon-d6wvru2Space Sirens by Julie Dillon

ariadne_by_juliedillon-d6utvdnAriadne by Julie Dillon

launch_point_by_juliedillon-d6fexdkLaunch Point by Julie Dillon

ministry_of_changes_by_juliedillon-d6bus6yMinistry of changes by Julie Dillon

confrontation_by_juliedillon-d646wrpConfrontation by Julie Dillon

desert_dragon_by_juliedillon-d60jjbqDesert dragon by Julie Dillon

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