3D Space Concepts by GrahamTG

If you love 3d space art, get ready for a reconnaissance trip with digital artist GrahamTG.  Graham is an hobbyist painter in Britain who discovered his artistic vocation after a stroke followed by a long recovery. Using models, and 3d meshes of other artists, Graham manages to convey works magic with his own style of light, color and destination Рfor film or video games. Of course, for these changes, Graham has accreditation from the artist owner. Graham has always been a fan of Sci-fi, Space, Concept, and Aviation art. Enjoy the pictures below. For a full portfolio about his art visit the link: DeviantArt .


bussard_ramjet_by_grahamtgBussard Ramjet



desert_wings_by_grahamtgDesert Wings by GrahamTg

hermes3_by_grahamtgHermes 3

martian_lander_at_olympus_mons_by_grahamtgMartian Lander at Olympus Mons

project_daedalus_by_grahamtgProject Daedalus


sagan7_by_grahamtgSagan 7

sub_by_grahamtgSub by GrahamTg

the_betty_by_grahamtgThe Betty

the_business_end_by_grahamtgThe Business End



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