Digital art by Warren Louw

Magic Art World present to you the digital art by Warren Louw from Johannesburg, South Africa – Freelance illustrator and character designer.

Artist: Warren Louw
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Fields: Freelance illustrator, character designer and concept artist
Achievements: “His work has been featured in: print publications such as ImagineFX Magazine, various UDON Entertainment’s Capcom tribute books as well as the covers for UDON’s Dakstalkers graphic novel and DC Comics’ Power Girl and in advertising agencies and motion picture production companies for well known brands as Absolut Vodka, BMW, Cadburys, KFC, Halls, Planet Fitness and many more. He has done conceptual work for Phoenix Age for their video games, Castle Age HD and Underworld Empire”.
Web reference: DeviantArt, Warren Louw site

We presented here some selections of his artwork. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

The man's board - Salomon snowboards by WarrenLouwThe Man’s Board – Salomon Snowboards by WarrenLouw

Sylvannas Windrunner by WarrenLouwSylvannas Windrunner by WarrenLouw

War of Heroes - Mystique by WarrenLouwWar of Heroes – Mystique by WarrenLouw

Castle Age Hd - Sylph by WarrenLouwCastle Age Hd – Sylph by WarrenLouw

castle_age_hd___alandra_by_warrenlouw-d4xm2pmCastle Age Hd – Alandra by WarrenLouw

Longship Armoury - Rhea by WarrenLouwLongship Armoury – Rhea by WarrenLouw

Longship Armoury Zwei by WarrenLouwLongship Armoury – Zwei by WarrenLouw

Roxy 2012 by WarrenLouwRoxy 2012 by WarrenLouw

Becky IFX - Cover art by WarrenLouwBecky IFX – Cover art by WarrenLouw

Liz and Ted by WarrenLouwLiz and Ted by WarrenLouw

Rebirth by WarrenLouwRebirth by WarrenLouw

Charlie Chaplin - Let Us All Unite by WarrenLouwCharlie Chaplin – Let Us All Unite by WarrenLouw

Doutzen Kroes by WarrenLouwDoutzen Kroes by WarrenLouw

Madiba Tribute by WarrenLouwMadiba Tribute by WarrenLouw

Peppy Miller by WarrenLouwPeppy Miller by WarrenLouw

Zooey Deschanel by WarrenLouwZooey Deschanel by WarrenLouw

Misha by WarrenLouwMisha by WarrenLouw

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