Stunning art by Tincek and Marincek

Artist: Twins Valentina and Marina Remenar aka Tincek-Marincek.  They are 21 years old and finished Art high school. Stunning Art of these two girls twins could not go unnoticed by us.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Fields: Freelance illustrators, graphic designers and character designers.
Achievements: “As graphic designers we like to design books, posters, covers, websites (just design)… Also making animations and designs in Flash. We already made many tutorials for digital and  traditional art which you can find on our site here (blog), and some were also published in books (see Books section). And our work, videos you can find on many sites which you can also check below. Otherwise we did many personal and commercial commissions, from simple portraits to character designs, and so on” (quote from tincek-marincek site).
Web reference: DeviantArt, Tincek- Marincek site .

We presented here some selections of their amazing artwork. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

Noctis Lucis Caelum by Tincek-MarincekNoctis Lucis Caelum by Tincek-Marincek

Farewell by Tincek-MarincekFarewell by Tincek-Marincek

Universe by Tincek-MarincekUniverse by Tincek-Marincek

Fire Souls by Tincek-MarincekFire Souls by Tincek-Marincek

Came for Hell... by Tincek-MarincekCame for Hell… by Tincek-Marincek

My Gift for You by Tincek-MarincekMy Gift for You by Tincek-Marincek

Angela Eanor by Tincek-MarincekAngela Eanor by Tincek-Marincek

Dream Storm Sea by Tincek-MarincekDream Storm Sea by Tincek-Marincek

Forest Spirits by Tincek-MarincekForest Spirits by Tincek-Marincek

BATLLE by Tincek-MarincekBATLLE by Tincek-Marincek

DREAMS by Tincek-MarincekDREAMS by Tincek-Marincek

Battlefield by Tincek-MarincekBattlefield by Tincek-Marincek

ROCK'N'ROLL by Tincek-MarincekROCK’N’ROLL by Tincek-Marincek

Keith Loren by Tincek-MarincekKeith Loren by Tincek-Marincek

NOCTIS by Tincek-MarincekNOCTIS by Tincek-Marincek

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