Digital Art Fantasy by Yu Cheng Hong

Yu Cheng Hong is a very talented artist from Taiwan. His digital art is inspired from old Chinese culture. He combines elements of mythology in a new art form.

Fields:Digital Art, Illustration, Character Design
Web reference: DeviantArt, Facebook

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tabooing_doll_engineer_by_yuchenghong-d7qvjg1Tabooing Doll Engineer by YuChengHong

yuchenghong_vanilla__accursed_lady__adv_by_yuchenghong-d7ol3rsVanilla, Accursed Lady adv by YuChengHong

yuchenghong_vanilla__accursed_lady__reg_by_yuchenghong-d7l8skrVanilla, Accursed Lady reg by YuChengHong

yuchenghong_witch_thelema_02_by_yuchenghong-d7jxo5yWitch Thelema-02 by YuChengHong

yuchenghong_half_wing_angel_elise_reg_logo_by_yuchenghong-d7envsvHalf Wing Angel Elise Reg Logo by YuChengHong

yuchenghong_sylvari_by_yuchenghong-d7dllqxSylvari by Yuchenghong

man_protrait_by_yuchenghong-d698opbMan Protrait by Yuchenghong

yuchenghong_akasha_by_yuchenghong-d78keclAkasha by YuChengHong

yuchenghong_angel_bane_by_yuchenghong-d77brisAngel Bane by YuChengHong

arinna_by_yuchenghong-d711foaArinna by YuChengHong

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