Fantasy art by Laura Sava aka anotherwanderer

Laura Sava aka anotherwanderer is a talented digital artist from Romania specialized in fantasy art. She is also appreciated for book covers and game characters.

Name: Laura Sava  
Location: Timisoara, Romania.
Fields: Digital Art, Illustration, Books covers, Games Characters, Freelance  Artist.

Web reference: Her Blog, and profile on DeviantArt and Facebook.

We show  here some selections of Laura Sava art works. If you like them, feel free to comment or to appreciate with “Like” or “Share”.

foxwick_by_anotherwanderer-d81ve3o_resizedFoxwick by anotherwanderer

legend_of_the_cryptids___elmenhilde_adv__by_anotherwanderer-d8a5lyi_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Elmenhilde adv  – by anotherwanderer

rcsmuggler_by_anotherwanderer-d8k9uaf_resizedSmuggler by anotherwanderer

s_elmenhilde_by_anotherwanderer-d89d6d8_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Elmenhilde by anotherwanderer

s_felicitas_adv_by_anotherwanderer-d8bu6cm_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Felicitas Adv. by anotherwanderer

s_felicitas_by_anotherwanderer-d8b1sbq_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Felicitas by anotherwanderer

s_fiorentina_adv_by_anotherwanderer-d7t7uwl_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Caged Demon Fiorentina(A) by anotherwanderer

s_fiorentina_by_anotherwanderer-d7s86uw_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Caged Demon Fiorentina by anotherwanderer

s_georgine_a_by_anotherwanderer-d8gn5rb_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Geogine adv. by anotherwanderer

s_georgine_by_anotherwanderer-d8fqwlj_resizedLegend of the Cryptids – Geogine by anotherwanderer

s_manalee_adv_by_anotherwanderer-d8jlftc_resizedLegend of the Cryptids –  Manalee adv. by anotherwanderer

s_manalee_by_anotherwanderer-d8inua1_resizedLegend of the Cryptids –  Manalee by anotherwanderer

s_moonrise_by_anotherwanderer-d8b6l6s_resizedMoonrise by anotherwanderer

shandra_a_by_anotherwanderer-d88it2z_resizedLegend of the Cryptids2  by anotherwanderer

summer_layout__by_anotherwanderer-d86uaxh_resizedSummer_Queen by anotherwanderer

summer_queen_by_anotherwanderer-d86rqa7_resizedSummer Queen by anotherwanderer

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