Illustration Art by Aurore Folny alias ViridRain

Aurore Folny alias ViridRain  is a talented illustrator from France, specialized in fantasy and Sci-Fi art. She captures us with her themes, imagination and colors. You can convince yourself enjoying the following pictures.

Name: Aurore Folny
Location: Gardanne, France.
Fields: Digital Art, Illustration, Fantasy art, Sci-Fi art, Games Characters.

Web reference: Pesonal Blog, DeviantArt and Facebook.

We show here some selections of Aurore Folny art works. If you like them, feel free to comment or to appreciate with “Like” or “Share”.

diamonds_and_chains_by_viridrainDiamonds and Chains by ViridRain

exotictribalfusion_aurorefolny_by_viridrainExotic Tribal Fusion Portrait by ViridRain

jahgdok_by_viridrainJahgdok by ViridRain

l_oracle_maudit_by_viridrainCursed Oracle by ViridRain

of_mice_and_bots_by_viridrainOf Mice and Bots by ViridRain

runaway_alchemist_by_viridrainRunaway Alchemist by ViridRain

spring_is_coming_aurorefolny2015_by_viridrainSpring is Coming by ViridRain

unchartedworlds_aurorefolny_by_viridrainUncharted Worlds cover by ViridRain

voleuse_pie_aurorefolny_by_viridrainMagpie thief by ViridRain

welcome_abroad_by_viridrainWelcome Abroad by ViridRain

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