Portraits-Illustration Art by Heizui

Heizui  is a freelance  illustrator from Canada, passionate about portrait art.  Her art shows a variety of portraits, busts or full body, especially intended for commissions.

Name: Heizui
Location: Canada.
Fields: Digital Art, Illustration, Portraits art.

Web reference: DeviantArt .

We show here some selections of amazing portraits from Heizui art works. If you like this article, feel free to comment or to appreciate it with “Like” or “Share”.

____by_heizui-d5q0plv…by Heizui


commission_for_claire_field_by_heizui-d7a3txrCommission for Claire-Field by Heizui

____i_m_alive____by_heizui-d7uyebv…I’m Alive…

08c8bba24f1a4bd917adc293cc8e21f8-d5gefjs…Redraw by Heizui


commission__ambryl_by_heizui-d8vcvaiCommission – Ambryl

commission__august_by_heizui-d5e7lqrCommission – August

commission__sophia_by_heizui-d8hvf4jCommission – Sophia

commission_for_ayanzo_by_heizui-d75rdx6Commission for Ayanzo

raine_2015_by_heizui-d8e8mcdRaine 2015

raine_revamp_concept_wip_by_heizui-d8csk31Raine Revamp Concept Wip

the_assassin_by_heizui-d5adk3rThe Assassin by Heizui

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