Graffiti Art

Graffiti is the art of drawing, write messages, scratched, or sprayed walls or other surfaces in a public environment in illicit manner. This art dating from ancient times, from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Materials currently used for graffiti art are spray paint and marker pen. Many amateur artists or professionals prefer this art as an artistic relaxation. In this article I posted a few works of young and talented artists such as: The American artist Jaime R alias SHYN1CSK artist from Malaysia Balan alias Levin03, artist from Taiwan SeanWei and from USA, Rosemarie Ruiz alias DarkGheisha 22. For a complete presentation of their works can view the following websites:, http://levin03.deviantart.com , and

Watch and admire below, some of the works of these young artists.


Butterfly with glowing edges by shynButterfly with glowing edges

Frog by shynFrog

Previously free and mag4 by shyn  Previously free and mag4

Wall by shyn1cskWall

Shoes by shyn1csk_1Shoes

Wall free by shyn1csWall free


Eagle heart tattoo by levin03

Eagle heart tattoo

Sword by levin03Shord

Graffiti by levin03  Graffiti “Love”

Octopus boy by levin03Octopus boy

Stop terrorism by levin03 Stop terorism


Tiger1 by Sean WeiTiger1

Tiger2 by Sean WeiTiger2

Tiger3 by Sean Wei

Tiger3 by Sean Wei

Tiger4 by Sean WeiTiger4


Stairway to Heaven by DarkGeisha22Stairway to Heaven

Own a piece of NY by DarkGeisha22Own a piece of NY.

Grafitti pics by DarkGeisha22Graffiti pics1

Grafitti pics 2 by DarkGeisha22Graffiti pics2

The Rotten Apple by DarkGeisha22The Rotten Apple

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