Photomanipulation by MirellaSantana

Mirella Santana is a young digital artist from Brazil. She creates with passion and imagination, photomanipulations of dark, fantasy and emotional.

Location: Brazil
Fields: Photomanipulation | Painting (portraits), Digital Art – freelance artist
Achievements: Commissions, Personal Work, Books Covers, Undisclosed Project
Web reference: DeviantArt, Facebook

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young_witch_by_mirellasantana-d7bs0f3Young Witch by MirellaSantana

after_dark_by_mirellasantana-d6nveb2After Dark by MirellaSantana

bath_candle_by_mirellasantana-d7cdpoqBath Candle by MirellaSantana

burn__out_by_mirellasantana-d5uyc28Burn Out by MirellaSantana

burning_iii_by_mirellasantana-d792ot0Burning III by MirellaSantana

enchanted_forest_by_mirellasantana-d6razocEnchanted Forest by MirellaSantana

forgotten_picture_ii_by_mirellasantana-d5x1dswForgotten Picture II by MirellaSantana

golden_blood_by_mirellasantana-d6yoykmGolden Blood by MirellaSantana

h_e_a_v_e_n_by_mirellasantana-d68m9fzH e a v e n by MirellaSantana

heaven_ii_by_mirellasantana-d6cazhiHeaven II by MirellaSantana

ineffable_by_mirellasantana-d71t3byIneffable by MirellaSantana

jennifer_lawrence__painting__by_mirellasantana-d78cpvuJennifer Lawrence – Painting – by MirellaSantana

lonely_night_by_mirellasantana-d7akeoyLonely Night by Mirellasantana

modelo_13_animation_by_mirellasantana-d77vk9jAlgernon-Realistic Painting (Animation) by MirellaSantana

playing_in_the_dark_by_mirellasantana-d6wyp7kPlaying in the Dark by MirellaSantana

reminiscent_by_mirellasantana-d5xyp53Reminiscent by  MirellaSantana

the_journey_by_mirellasantana-d799qenThe Journey by MirellaSantana

u_n_s_l_e_e_p_i_n_g_by_mirellasantana-d6jdt84U n s l e e p i n g  by MirellaSantana

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