Sci-Fi Art Tour – Characters Concept

In this article we take a tour of sci-fi art by presenting an extraordinary collection of characters, selected by me for our inspiration. Creating a TV serial, a video game or a book of illustration is not possible without a special character. If you manage to create such character, your artwork will attract thousands of fans. Follow below few works of characters made by talented artists.

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1d8c7baeab910f4c27e194b468fed362Concept Art by Mitchell Mohrhauser

2b81214a508c752ea17bdaad0a072cd6Character for Nova 2. Concept by Arnaud Simon-Laforest.

4c85f387bd7e1fad720199f14ec83d6cSci-fi girl by Joerg Warda

6cdbe2809557ee82ee4b4f81b9b3f456Character concept art, Dejan Mijatovic on ArtStation

7b2cecfee43cf31b220f49ec4a609447Rogue – Concept Character by Gabriel Yeganyan on ArtStation

7effa26a14b72a7471a550f197a33cc1Project 77 – Concept Art by Martin Deschambault on CGSociety

8aba6a3d83705b07a088ad9495dcc4fcAlternate Days of Future Past – Concept Art Has Storm by Phillip Boutte| The Mary Sue

442ac9a7a7bfd1b19a042ff04ec4afcaCharacter Concept 1 by Diego de Almeida on ArtStation

92308ed64d30694d5cf10075fc5c789fCharacter Concept from “Remember Me” by Nilin Hooded

8790318e72b4f2b1d665027e2d1306edFPS girl, 3D character by Yunjin Chae

739199431ad612c4a9ef7b54ed1a8948Sci fi Warrior Shaman by Hakeem Rafai on ArtStation

Ailsa Picture by Haijun Wang PirateAilsa Picture by Haijun Wang Pirate

ca9c8b701c99fcc58759353856e983faAriel by Philipp Kruse on ArtStation

daf7992761820e91e64b09ea425e758bSci-fi Cleo by Tjota on deviantART

df05623198d972f8ca05084540bbe1a6Young Princess_2 by ivany86 on DeviantArt

f2145fbe030b9880b16063c5b0389018Starcraft Ghost Nova by *Zeronis on deviantAR

0f1dd9e1dd9f801a6dc36a9e61e86faeSciFi Warrior by Hakeem Rafai on Artstation

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