Sci-fi Art Tour – Inspirations #04#

“Sci-Fi Art Inspirations Tour 04” continues presenting the sci-fi art with many characters, cities of the future, robots, spaceships, etc. I hope that this article will be an inspiration for those interested in sci-fi art. No need to comment nor to appreciate it with “Like” or “Share”, just enjoy these works and their talented authors!

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1215565183183e90f4f81903ec51ba34Concept Art of a future female soldier by Mitchell Mohrhauser

628599c0ae703c72cb3394d31ed0a380Personal project : Sci-fi soldier, Kevin Lee

2624386dafd2e8e0bc60d55096a1d26bThe Round Tablet » Sci-Fi

666969198e18376566e89b883b20b5c5ArtStation – Batman: Arkham Knight – promo art, Tomasz Namielski

a5e3d031cade4fe3eab0b7c11922f9c5Concept art alternate costumes of Kitty Pryde in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

a7337c7e36df0d5f7827ee2226cf1b6aFuture City

aed68cb73980a9f7f791c961951ae635Shamash Ninja- Advanced version by Vlad_MRK

a39190371dd31490b59819eccecf1101End of the Line by Stephen Zavala on ArtStation

adc9c469858102f52ab13b2db71de95fDrawing dystopia: behind the incredible sci-fi art of ‘Elysium’

acdc286b98f78b00dd27998d391a5d6dFuturistic city

c782e3a4a0a1c50ef6e199962ea67360Sorciere Marjorie Normale por Kargall

da0ba055c628ae37c452fe123e3ff186Her Majesty’s Zeppelins by Gleb Alexandrov

eb1a687bb4bfa9b85cf216f9706350233D Art: The Alien – Sci-fiCoolvibe

eee46e9bcd57b911c533e9e82c615a79Art of Wang Song | CG Daily news

e768563a95981407c83c070732092173Sci-Fi Art: Reconstruction – 2D Digital, Sci-fiCoolvibe

f25bf530479335255ca65a9bb0e2dfe0Andy Park’s Awesome Concept Art For Guardians of the Galaxy- Gamora: The Deadliest Woman in The Universe

f47915b1a6bef545bc5a378396d44e77Cool Concept Art by Marat Arslanov

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